Getting started ……

The idea for Eclectic Mix came to me on a wet day in January this year whilst  in a local cafe on Mill Road browsing through their collection of  local handcrafted  products  I wondered how many creative people there were out in amongst the roads around Mill Road and beyond. Artists and makers  working from home (in garden studios/kitchen tables) making lovely art, jewellery, pots, interiors etc. So the idea to set up a shop stocking only ‘Handcrafted in Cambridge’ products was born.  To have at it’s heart a love of  handcrafted products made with care and affection by local creative people and ensure this is conveyed to those who seek to buy such items from our website www.thisiseclecticmix.com and at our local ‘pop up’ events giving  buyers  an alternative to ‘John Lewis’ and the  rest of the high street.  In essence to put the fun back into shopping for all those occasions be it a birthday, christmas, wedding, home or just as a treat

The road less traveled

Eclectic Mix wishes to support, showcase and sell products that have at their heart the artist, their community and dedication/commitment to their arts or craft through a range of forums including an our online marketplace (thisiseclecticmix.com), Cambridge based ‘Art pop up’ events and (in time) a ‘physical’ independent shop.

We hope you love our products as much as we do to find a ‘special place’ in your heart and home to show them off

Where are we heading to …

I believe in starting small, building from the ground up.
This I hope is just the beginning for us, our artisans and our supporters.
My dream is to build a local artisan community with a strong fanbase who keep coming back again and again
To keep evolving, open to new ideas, artists, creations and innovation
To offer a great experience for all.

So Be There … Happy Shopping.

Eclectic Mix is dedicated to my Mum who died last year was an amateur artist and a strong contributor of her local community

Our motto: Love art, love community, love Eclectic Mix