Honor and Ronan Kavanagh from Avalon Jewellery


Honor KavanaghLooking for a new challenge on leaving the NHS and having always been attracted to glass, Honor attended several workshops, producing a range of glass products from glass dishes to Tiffany lampshades. Finally settling on lampwork as her artistic weapon of choice, she is now fully immersed in this amazing and mercurial craft. Using the remarkable colours of Murano art glass, Honor likes to create her beads with the natural world in mind. She loves the capricious nature of glass and the way that it tests her skills. Working in collaboration with her husband Ronan, Honor is happiest in her garden workshop hand-making the next batch of beads for the Avalon range of Murano art glass pendants and earrings.

Find Honor’s jewellery here.



Ronan KavanaghRonan grew up in Ireland and moved across the sea to attend the Medway College of Art & Design. Following his time there he has turned his attention to designing and creating jewellery and now works with precious metals and stones to produce his own designs under the name of Avalon Jewellery. Creative to his core he draws inspiration from the world around him, using pattern and shape to form jewellery for Avalon as well as giving form to scientific concepts reflected in the Avalon Infinity bangle.

Find Ronan’s jewellery here.