Iona Howard – Artist/printmaker

ih-artist-in-studioIona completed an MA in Fine Art Printmaking at Cambridge School of Art in 2009 and in 2012 was awarded the ‘Curwen Studio’ prize at the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers Summer Exhibition.

Iona is captivated by the ancient semi-natural landscapes typical of West Penwith and The Lizard where a blurred line exists between nature and human activity. Her recent prints of ‘The Fens’ convey a raw blackness of earth etched with converging lines of lode and plough.

Iona often uses a techinique known as carborundum, which is a mix of a binder and carborundum grit applied onto the surface of a plate and inked to develop a highly embossed, velvety texture. It creates dense tones which can be seen in her serene landscapes of flat fenland vistas near her Cambridgeshire studio, interspersed with softer lines to reflect on her native west Cornwall roots. Another technique she uses is drypoint, which produces an incised line, characteristically thin, linear and precise.

Colour is introduced by using one or more carborundum plates or adding layers of monoprint prints  which explore surface and line created over time through human interaction with the landscape.

Iona’s prints ‘Goonhilly Downs’ and ‘White Downs State III’ were selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Eclectic Mix is privileged to have Iona join our cohort of talented artists.