Mandy Knapp – Printmaker


Mandy Knapp's studio

Mandy Knapp is a printmaker living in South Cambs, who pulls original prints on her Rochat etching press. She has a passion for interior design, and often her works depict interiors and accessories. Works by her are often ‘one-offs’ as she is not interested in making multiples of an image. This makes her work more covetable, as you are truly buying something unique. She mixes her own pigments, and prints on archival paper, either Fabriano or Somerset. Her practice involves using many printmaking methods, including etching, drypoint, monoprinting and collagraph, and sometimes involves a mixture of these processes.

“I love the happy accidents that can happen in printmaking, you can never quite predict how a surface is going to transfer ink on to the paper. Harnessing and controlling the medium over the years has allowed me to get a good handle of how the materials are likely to behave, but I always get a thrill when I turn back the paper to see what emerges.”

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