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Sterling silver ‘Honeycomb Flower Bee’ Earrings by Avalon Jewellery


Dimensions – 55mm (in length from top to base)

Free delivery (UK only) – product wrapped and dispatched by sellers within 6 days of receiving order

International Delivery – Price on request  (Europe – allow 5 days +)(Worldwide– allow up to 3 weeks or longer)

Product Description


These unique handcrafted ‘limited’ edition  ‘drop’ style  silver  earrings are part of a new product range ‘Honeycomb flower Bee’ by Avalon Jewellery one of our newest sellers.  

Made from sterling silver  and gold (vermeil) with a single bee resting on a column of honeycomb cells below a silver flower. The contrast of the gold (vermeil) bee against the silver honeycomb makes this product truly stand out from the crowd.

We love them and think you will too. Why not pair up with other items from this beautiful range 

What a great treat for any ‘bee’ enthusiast or as a lovely birthday or Mother’s day gift