Diary of an event – 2. Getting ready for the day

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Getting ready and decorating

As I write, our Summer Pop-Up Event is just a few days away. All very exciting, and an extremely busy time for Team Eclectic Mix!

We are super organised and have made lists. Lots and lots of lists.

Also, we have been making decorations for the venue, St Andrews St Baptist Church, which has involved tea. Lots and lots of tea.

Lorraine Hitt, Eva Eland and Cecelia Wood and me, Mandy, got around the table at Eclectic Mix HQ armed with tissue paper and wire, and we all thoroughly enjoyed making playful colourful decorations. Eileen Hori at the Baptist Church has been the most helpful host, and we really hope she likes the final look!


For more formal meetings, the fabulous Cambridge Space has been a great venue for gathering our stallholders, making plans for how we see the event looking and feeling, and how we plan to get the word out. To have everyone sitting around the table sharing ideas about previous exhibitions has been super useful, as we all have hints and tips to share. There has been an overwhelming feeling of team spirit at these get togethers.

Local businesses and collaborations

A huge part of our show has been putting together all the marketing and promotional material, and we cannot thank Dario Fisher of Minuteman Press enough, for his unfailing professionalism, patience and advice. Thanks Dario, you really have been a star! We all agreed that the process is much better when you can visit your printer and speak directly with them, face to face.

Delia had a lovely guest spot on the radio last week, and she sounded great. A real natural. Leigh Chambers at Cambridge 105fm let us tell their listeners all about our event (you can listen here).  Plus we have been putting the word out on Local Secrets, Whats On, Mumsnet etc, so we hope lots of visitors will come! We think we might have picked a good date, as our event is on at the same time as The Town & Country Fair on Parker’s Piece.

To tempt people in, our loyal makers have offered raffle prizes, plus local businesses have given us goods and vouchers too. Proceeds from the raffle will go to two charities, Lifecraft and Azalea.

To date, we have received prizes/vouchers from the following businesses, and we are so grateful for their generosity.


Arts Picturehouse

Bridges Cafe


Elem hair

Finn Jordan


Navy Daisy

Michaelhouse Cafe

Salon 246


So even more reason to come on Saturday, to enjoy meeting our local artists and designers, get involved with the raffle, and if that wasn’t enough, there will be cake too!

For more updates on our event, do follow our social media platforms.

Also, we have been blogging about our lovely makers, so scroll down for some insight as to what you may find at our pop-up event, Saturday 10th June, 11-5pm, St Andrews Street Baptist Church, St Andrews Street, Cambridge.

Working at the co-working hub CambridgeSpace

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Co-working at Cambridge Space

Co-working at CambridgeSpace

We decided to take some desk space at the newly formed co-working hub CambridgeSpace based at 100 Houses, 51 Scotland Road. They also set up in the autumn. After I met them at the Pitch n Mix network meeting decided to join one of their seminars and from then was hooked. They are a great bunch of people including founders Dominic Bowles, Alison Booth and John Monks. The concept of working co-op is great for businesses like ourswhich is very small and can get quickly isolated. The Cambridge Space team have engaged with – and supported us along the way. We are at the hub every Tuesday and come away energised and buzzing with ideas.

It's lovely notes like these that give CambridgeSpace it's extra charm
It’s lovely notes like these that give CambridgeSpace it’s extra charm

Seminars and workshops

CambridgeSpace offer a great range of seminars and workshops which you can attend for free as a member of the space. We joined a few among which a series of workshops on improvisation and creativity and how to apply this at work by Antony Quinn.  Another seminar was on networking, by Jon Torrens. Both were really helpful and fun.  They also have open morning sessions, if you want to have a trial run. The next one is on the 28th of March. If anyone wants to take a look just email Dominic (dominic.bowles@candidate.impacthub.net) to join a seminar, open morning or a tour of their space.

Quality, local and collaborative

Co-working at CambridgeSpace

So as they say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, This is Eclectic Mix has the vision to be a quality, local and collaborative brand. Iis essential to recognise that this needs to be a team approach. The success for Eclectic Mix will be in how we reach out to our local community and engage with our partners to get us on the local map. So onward and upward to be the best we can be is a good starting point.

Look out for us at more local events and don’t forget to check out our online shop.