Artist in the Spotlight: Veronica Ellis from Nature’s Grace

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In the lead up to our Summer Pop-Up event on the 10th of June we asked our artists and makers with a few questions in order to gain an insight into their practices. Veronica Ellis from Nature’s Grace is the artist in the spotlight for this post. Veronica will be at our event so be sure to come down to see her lovely work for yourself!

Describe your work in three words:

designer – prints – gift-ware

A selection of Veronica's work
A selection of Veronica’s work

Why is ‘handmade’ so important to you?

It is important for me to touch and to make the things that have inspired me. There is a step before the making, that moment when an experience, a place, or a thought triggers the imagination. This is the time I pause and feel the experience which then flows through my hands as I make the object, create the image or write the words. When everything comes together, hand making is pure joy, and there is huge satisfaction in seeing a work completed.

 What will you be selling at our Eclectic Mix pop up event on 10th June?

I will be selling a range of my Nature’s Grace art prints and cards, along with designer gift-ware, including wood art, glass art, cushions, coasters and place mats. The range has been designed to transform homes with affordable stylish art. All the designs are original and created by me.

What’s the best part of making what you do? And the worst?

 The best part of making for me is the creative freedom to be inspired by anything and everything. Then there is the pleasure of seeing an image come to life. Often you begin with one thing and end with another. It is the little surprises and happy accidents that often create the best work. The worst thing for me is the freedom to be inspired by anything and everything! Yes, this both a blessing and a burden. So many ideas flow so quickly sometimes that I can’t keep up with the need to curate my work and make my products. So, I have become addicted to list making, and it keeps me on the straight and narrow…most days!

Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere, but the thing that fires my imagination the most is nature. My two favourite things are trees and the sea, but everything from microscopic details to sweeping landscapes inspire me. The meaning of objects and stories are also important to me. I have a keen interest in art history and have spent years absorbing the works of my creative heroes. I see their influence coming out in my work, not always intentionally, but it is there.